Tidbits Marketing & Identity Lab is Shelley Baugh. Through 9 years of experience Shelley has worked as a Graphic Designer, Communications Coordinator, IT Specialist, Publications & Web Manager, Webmaster & Social Media Specialist and Director of Marketing & Communications. I specialize in helping small businesses, job seekers and individuals with developing, designing and implementing effective marketing & branding strategies to help you get noticed and reach your audience.

I set up the shop to provide creative people a starting point to help promote their business or themselves, through events, branding and all the fun along the way. Everything is premade and digital downloads, for ease in starting your process. Like what you see, but need help customizing it? For just a little bit more, I can give you the exact look you want.

The blog is a resource point for all, just tidbits of information to help with all things marketing, web and branding. If you want me to touch on a topic I haven’t, submit a contact form and I will add it to the list.

This is a one stop shop to help start a business, improve your marketing strategy, begin in the job search or invite people to a party. I design, market, build websites and almost anything else you need. Through consulting, I analyze your brand & identity and give you a straightforward approach that works for your needs and your budget. My goal is to analyze your structure to find what is needed to help you succeed.