Photos Speak the Loudest

Photos Speak the Loudest

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The Importance of Good Photography in Marketing

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How do you put visual content to work for your company? How do you capture your audience’s attention? As a marketer of your business the quality of your content is becoming increasingly more important. The average audience’s attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to a short 7 seconds. So more and more our audience is scanning our materials and the main information they are gathering are the images. So, it is important that you have good quality images.

There is no doubt about it that we are in the age where we want information fast and easy as possible. As posted in The Power of Visual Content, your audience doesn’t want info-heavy, fact-heavy pages, articles or posts. Let icons, infographics and photos support your identity and story tell, as well as, bringing a higher emotional experience.

Since you get one short chance to make a first impression, make sure your photography doesn’t poorly affect your marketing. Great quality photos catch the readers attention while providing them a more personal experience. You can easily do this via web, social media and in your print marketing.

Tidbit: Think of your images as your brand.



  • Articles with relevant images average 94% more total views than articles without images.
  • A press release with photos gets nearly 15% more online views than a text-only press release.
  • 60% of consumers who use online search say they prefer to contact a business whose listing includes an image.
  • Nearly 70% of e-commerce shoppers say the product image is very important when making their purchase decision.
  • Check out the full infographic by MDG Advertising here!

So, how do you get good visuals? Hire a photographer. Professional photographers will truly capture your brand. However, small businesses starting out and bloggers may not have the budget for a professional, here are some websites that offer images that go beyond the “stock photo”.

  1. Twenty20
  2. Adobe Stock
  3. PhotoPin
The Viral Video: Marketing Campaigns Worth Watching

The Viral Video: Marketing Campaigns Worth Watching

Branding Content Social Media Video

Videos have always been apart of marketing, first with commercials and more lately with the viral video. Because of the Internet and age of social media taking over, when a business has a great video it has the potential to reach thousands, millions, and shoot… even billions! So it is no surprise that almost every business I have talked to has wanted a video as part of their marketing strategy.

I agree, videos are a great resource tool for online marketing, they help with social media reach, website interaction and, they help get people talking and sharing about your company. What I found though, is right after we made a great video, every company wanted more and more videos.

So my advice to small businesses for video marketing is: 

Don’t over do it!
I have created the first video for a client and then they get addicted, next things I know they want a video for everything. The problem with that is unless you are making amazing videos and have a large audience, the more videos you make the more you can watch your amount of views go down each time. Videos are great, but don’t forget your other tools and resources. Keep your customer interested by switching it up.

Make it Amazing!
I am sure you have seen marketing videos that you didn’t even finish watching, why? Because they were boring. If your business wants to go in the direction of video, spend the time and resources to make it great. Focus on quality editing, script writing, and production. It will be worth it in the long run if you want to make an impact with your brand.

Keep it short and personal!
We as people have a limited attention span, keep it short, like 1-3 minutes, to keep the viewer interested. (If you have lots to say, have follow up videos) Since you are a small business, talk to the viewer through an employee or community member; make sure it has a personal connection for them.

You don’t have to go viral!
It needs to be great, it needs to be viewed, but especially for small businesses, it does not have to go viral. A simple video can work to up your online marketing goals.

Top Viral Marketing Campaigns

I collected a few; hopefully they can spark your video imagination.

Dove does everything right!

St. Joseph High School takes the admissions video and makes it fun. This video is a major inspiration for the high school admissions video I am currently working on. Stay tuned.

GoldieBlox created a fun video that matches their brand identity and product message, “to get girls building” watch their success here.

Smirnoff Raw Tea Partay rap video is an oldie, but a goodie.

Nike Women’s #BetterForIt campaign really listed to their customer and made it personal.

Here is another blog by reelse (the video Marketer’s Guide), with an greater list of Vine and Instagram favorite marketing videos throughout 2015.

Tidbit: Make them laugh!

The Power of Visual Content

The Power of Visual Content

Branding Content Design Websites

There is a rise in visual content demand because people don’t want to read info-heavy, fact-heavy pages, articles or posts. Businesses who choose to operate with visuals see an increase in brand engagement. And by simply adding more visual content to your marketing plan will increase the intake of the viewer allowing you to communicate quicker and with value, while having a higher chance of being shared. The world of infographics is still here and business who use them average 12% traffic growth and through just the use of a photo you can display your product without telling people about them.

Check out the 9 reasons to get on the Visual Content bandwagon below – need help creating visuals contact us, we love designing.

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