Best Color Selection Tools


If you are in the process of choosing your color and already read my 5 Tips for Choosing A Color Scheme blog, then you are ready to dive into color selection. Since this task can be daunting, I have put together a list of my favorite tools for you to try:

  • Design Seeddesignseed – One of the best places for color inspiration. I love the design of this site and how they let you search by theme, on the downside it doesn’t let you start from a color you had in mind as if you exact color number hasn’t been created in a palette yet then you are out of luck. So searching for a color palette to go with a color you love is challenging, but when you just need a place to get ideas it is one of the best.
  • Kuler by Adobe – This tool is a little more advanced, but it is my favorite for when I have a color in mind and need inspiration. It gives you so many options for creating a palette, plus with your Creative Cloud account you can login and save palettes. For beginner use, drag the color wheel arms and play with the colors to create your desired palette. If you are working with a designer this is a great tool because you can save to image and show them a starting point of your ideas.

The list is small because I mainly use these two tools and love them.