The Power of Visual Content

The Power of Visual Content

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There is a rise in visual content demand because people don’t want to read info-heavy, fact-heavy pages, articles or posts. Businesses who choose to operate with visuals see an increase in brand engagement. And by simply adding more visual content to your marketing plan will increase the intake of the viewer allowing you to communicate quicker and with value, while having a higher chance of being shared. The world of infographics is still here and business who use them average 12% traffic growth and through just the use of a photo you can display your product without telling people about them.

Check out the 9 reasons to get on the Visual Content bandwagon below – need help creating visuals contact us, we love designing.

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Make your Website Work: Responsive Design


Responsive DesignResponsive design is simply having your website appear well on every device, so when the user views your site on desktop, mobile or tablet, they see a compatible website. Since 25% of internet users only access the internet with a mobile device, it is important when designing or redesigning your site to focus on making it responsive. This not only helps user experience (which is important), but also saves you money and time. Responsive design allows for your website to function on future devices and screen sizes as they come on the market.

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Website Traffic Tips and Tricks


In the process of creating a website you should be thinking about how the website will get traffic. If you miss some key features your website will not be seen. Below are the simple steps to help you increase website traffic and drive customers to your site.

  • Page Titles: Make sure you have clear and simple titles that accurately describes the content you’re going to display is one of the most important elements of optimizing your on-site content. 
  • Content: One of the easiest and best ways to produce traffic is creating valuable dynamic content. Use blogs and/or news section to promote content sharing, add keywords to your pages and create titles that are searchable.  
  • Social Media: Use social media platforms to provide sharing of your content by providing buttons for an easy click to share. Also use the social media platforms to link to your site, such as posting your blog to social media. 
  • Resources: Connect with bloggers and other in your industry to write about your service as well as link back to your site. This can be done by returning the favor, provide guest blog opportunities for trade of you guest blogging on their site.

For other tips and tricks on helping website traffic that are more specific to your audience, contact me.